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Online Resources for the Cyber Savvy Student

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By Lisa Guernsey

Anyone who has merged onto the Infobahn knows how easy it is to get overwhelmed and lost without a good road map. This guide will keep you on track. After an overview of internet basics, leads you to useful sites on financial aid and admission, including the best bulletin boards and newsgroups. You’ll learn whether it’s advantageous to apply for admission and financial aid on-line, where you can prepare for on-campus interviews, what to look for in virtual campus tours, and how to make sure the information you’re getting is objective. Finally will help you find all the "fun stuff" as well as spot Internet fraud.

Lisa Guernsey was a reporter for the Circuits Section of The New York Times.

144 pages/ISBN 1-57509-144-0

January, 2011/$12.00

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